Our Caterings

Culinary Magic at Your Event

Elevate Your Occasion with the Exquisite Catering Services of Gowri Krishna’s Pure Vegetarian Cuisine.

Family functions

Create unforgettable memories with our catering services that bring the warmth and flavors of Gowri Krishna to your family gatherings.

Get together

Unite friends and loved ones over a scrumptious feast as our catering services cater to the joyful atmosphere of your get-togethers.

House Warming Ceremony

Celebrate new beginnings and a place to call home with our catering services that offer a delectable spread, symbolizing abundance and good fortune.

Weekend party

Elevate your weekend parties with our catering services, serving up a tempting array of pure vegetarian dishes that will be the talk of the town.

Baby Shower function

Celebrate the joyous arrival of a little one with our catering services, serving delightful delicacies that reflect the essence of this special occasion.

Naming Ceremony

Mark the significance of your child’s name with our catering services, providing a blend of traditional flavors and exquisite dishes that honor this cherished ceremony.

Upanayam (Poonal)

Initiation or rite of passage ceremony in which the sacred thread is given symbolizes the child drawn towards a school by the guru